Remote Mountain Views

As I stood on a thousand metre mountain watching a glorious sunset yesterday I reflected Jose Luis on top of the worldthat this is one of the reasons I love sometimes having clients that want a rural retreat rather than say an apartment on the coast. Over the past four and a half years I have been lucky enough to explore many areas of Almeria and areas of Granada and Murcia. Areas that if I were not taking a property on, or visiting with a client then perhaps I would never have found in the first place.

Many clients prefer to have a villa with pool close to services or a town house perhaps so I have always made sure that there is a good selection of these for sale as well. Otherwise the bills would not get paid and my working life would be more difficult. Clients that are retiring often sensibly chose to buy a villa as for one thing everything is normally on one level, the house will be fairly new and so maintenance issues will not normally jump up and bite them on the bum. Fellow English speakers may also be closer at hand so the language barrier is not so hard and friends can be made more easily.

Four years ago Jose Luis a lovely Spanish colleague of mine told me of a huge cortijo for sale situated high in the mountains near Seron. He had not yet been to the property so we set off on a beautiful road that goes up over the Filabres Mountains close to the Calar Alto Observatory which leads finally to Gergal on the A92. Going cross country after we left the main road we stopped high up in the middle of nowhere. At times like these it’s good to have trust in people as there was no way on my own that I would have found my way back to civilisation. Off we yomped climbing steep slopes and fording mountain streams until after about an hour we found the ruined house. As a treat we had brought a simple picnic of bread, ham and fizzy pop and we sat in autumnal sun easily 4500 feet up in old money admiring one of the best views I have ever seen. Jose Luis having lived in the area all his life pointed out all the different mountain ranges that could be seen in the far distance towards Velez Rubio, Oria and Castril. Then we raced to safely retrace our steps as the sun started to set behind Calar Alto the highest peak in Almeria at 2168m.

Other work based excursions have taken me high into the Sierra Maria near Velez Blanco and one fine house in particular sits in 50Ha of farmland and mountain side. It is so remote that the nearest electricity supply would have to come from seven kilometres away so water comes into the house via a solar powered pump from a year round spring. Any client wanting to view this house is always told firmly that the house is in the middle of nowhere and then luckily only the intrepid make the trip. It takes an hour simply to get to it from Velez Blanco.

Another property I have for sale is in a beautiful yet almost secret valley between Albanchez and Lubrin. On the details it says that the house is remote and the nearest shops are 30 minutes drive away yet however much I warn clients they are never put off. When we get there the comments are always along the theme of ‘I did not think it would be this remote.’ Maybe dictionaries give two meanings of remote.
A client once said ‘well 30 minutes on a motorway is not bad so I thought it would be similar.’ It’s a beautiful property but only for someone wanting tranquillity and preferably in good health. That’s because it is remote.

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In Almeria since 2006 set up findmeahome to give a personal service suited to clients needs rather than sell what earns the most commission.
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