Cant afford the petrol? then walk instead

Painted lovers on a Seville bottle binIt’s easy to criticize service standards when out eating and drinking in Spain so I want to share a good recent experience. Clients with me had their disabled grand-son Bertie with them and we stopped at the restaurant in Saliente by the petrol station. The food there is usually good and I knew there’d be plenty of room for Berties wheelchair. When the staff saw Bertie they could not do enough to help and a special meal appeared instantly for him and we were all excellently looked after.

I promote green issues as we only have this one blue planet and we need to look after it a lot better than we do. Lame reasoning from anyone that doesn’t even bother recycling for instance normally runs along the lines of what difference can one person make? Or there is nowhere to recycle. There are recycling points even in the smallest villages and its really easy because the blue bins are for paper, the green ones for glass and the yellow ones plastic and tins.

Bars are often the biggest culprits; one owner told me that they don’t recycle as it would take two hours a day to put the bottles in the bottle bank due to its shape?!? The bar must be doing excellent business indeed if two hours are needed every day just to get rid of the bottles. So the bar in question instead dumps the bottles in the bin which is only ten paces away from a bottle bank.

Currently with the high fuel prices it costs 50€ to fill up even my little car and selling houses means I do a lot of travelling. Recently I got a round robin email asking me to boycott Shell and BP to force them to reduce the prices at their pumps. Simple maths says this just won’t happen as most of the price of fuel is tax and duty. In Britain for example a £1.25 litre of fuel includes 21p VAT and a whopping 59p in excise duty leaving 45p for the oil company. Even if BP shaved 10% of their prices it’s only four pence off the price. Unfortunately we live in a carbon based economy and we all use oil in some way or another. Most of us drive a car and we buy food that has been delivered to the shops by road. Even the logs used to heat a house ecologically have been cut with a petrol chainsaw and delivered in a truck.

Simply we must all use less fuel. Is the journey really necessary? Walk if possible or ride a bike, share a lift. As the little jobs mount up around the house why not do them all in one car trip rather than lots of separate journeys. More electric and hybrid cars are available each year and okay not many will be suitable for long slogs on mountain roads but they are ideal for use in larger towns and cities. Murky Donuts have realised all those placcy bags they currently dole out free cost money and they too will be charging for bags from February. How many thousands, even millions of plastic bags will Mercadona save each year from their new policy? Quite a few less will be seen hanging from bushes or floating in the sea.

Mr Edisons’ original light bulb design will soon only be found in museums as only low energy light bulbs are now being manufactured. Every single person that does their bit to conserve the environment and reduce their fuel use has an effect when others do it too. Duracell now sell rechargeable batteries and they are not doing it just for green brownie points as they will make money from it. Our spending habits make businesses change as they need to make money. We cannot wait for governments to make laws instead our spending and lifestyle habits will make change happen quicker. funky bottle bin in Seville


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