If it aint broke then….

Plastic trees aside; I wonder if anybody’s ever managed to keep a Christmas tree alive for another Xmas. Living in London in the 90s my then girlfriend and I were so in love with our tree one year that we managed to keep it alive, decorated and lit up for about 6 months after Crimbo. Last week at Three Kings I performed the highly technical test of shaking the tree gently and then stood back as it became a brown skeleton in front of my eyes, I deduced twas deaded.

January always excites me as almond blossom slowly covers the landscape; three years ago I saw my first blossom on New Years Day and this year was the same, unfortunately the tree happened to be atop a huge hill and my hangover prevented me from climbing up to picture it, instead the accompanying photo shows blossom from lower down the slopes.

The month has started fine and warm real tee-shirt weather, it’s such a pleasure ribbing people stuck in dreary and cold Blighty. Last time I remember January being this warm was 2007, yet days later the temperature plummeted and it snowed heavily across the whole of Spain. Even Mojacar Playa got its first covering in 50 years. The logs are stacked so whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at us she can bring it on!

‘If it aint broke don’t fix it!’ This saying popped into my head as I stood alongside fellow bewildered shoppers in Murky Donuts recently as we fruitlessly scanned the shelves for large tins of dog food. In their place instead were shrink wrapped cartons bearing the ominous and never true words ‘Easy Open’. The dogs at feeding time were exposed to much wailing and gnashing of teeth as I struggled with the modern day equivalent of the Rubik’s cube or Tetrapak to give its proper name. Quite sensibly I decided my teeth could not be used to facilitate matters so a big knife was found to kill the beast. Don’t even get me started on the extra and needless packaging now being used rather than just the one can to recycle grrrr!

Now to talk sensibly about socks; I urge all who have yet to feel the sublime pleasure of BAM socks to take a trip to Girasol in Albox or Home Sweet Home in Turre to buy these soft luxurious beauties!

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In Almeria since 2006 set up findmeahome to give a personal service suited to clients needs rather than sell what earns the most commission.
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