There is a frog in my pool

To mark the passing of the seasons I note the first of this or the last of that. Summer officially started for me when the cursed socks were relegated back to the drawer. In the village where we live Donkey is back in a nearby field and chomping daily on the carrots myself and another neighbour provide him.

The Swallows or are they House Martins are back and are busy making their nest in the front porch; designing it with geometrical accuracy so that when they pooh over the side it will land on any visitors head if they happen to be passing through the front door. We use the back door just in case.

The warmer months encourages nature’s creatures to strut their stuff. A frog has taken residence in our swimming pool and has cleverly worked out that if he sits in the skimmer it works like an echo chamber so giving him the loudest croak in the village! This boy racer frog will soon no doubt have the lady frogs hanging off his frog legs! In respect for his ingenuity I don’t have the heart to turf him out. This is apparently usual behaviour for frogs as a friend of mine who used to clean pools for a living told me of a frog that he removed every week from a clients pool and took him to a rambla. Every week afterwards the frog was back and as summer went on he got paler and paler as the chlorine bleached his skin; maybe that’s how Michael Jackson did it?

I mentioned Mini Cine in Albox last week and then discovered an outdoor cinema running every Wednesday evening throughout the summer; La Montana Restaurant near Bedar hold their movie nights in conjunction with Desert Stars run by Laurence and David. Recently they showed the Almodovar film Volver starring Penelope Cruz. Screened in Spanish with subtitles it was not only very funny but I for one picked up a few new Spanish words. Every fourth week a film will be shown in Spanish so giving us all a chance to practice the language. This week is in English with the film Calendar Girls and next week is Hitchcock’s classic Vertigo. It costs 2.50€ per person with the full menu available pre-film and then snacks available during the movie featuring hot dogs, fries, and popcorn of course.


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In Almeria since 2006 set up findmeahome to give a personal service suited to clients needs rather than sell what earns the most commission.
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