Lost in translation

Writing about wine last week brought some interesting comments; for example Terry from The TARDIS at workthe New Kimrick in Mojacar said that he had done a wine tasting so that his customers could have an input into the wines that would be sold. Buying a bottle to drink at home is not the same as drinking in a bar as the business has had to buy the wine, pay the rent and the staff, chill the wine and then wash and clear up afterwards hence the mark up.

Supermarkets are great for choosing day to day drinking wines yet bars are lucky because Spain is the largest wine producer in Europe and excellent wines are available to tempt us with that never reach the supermarket shelf, normally due to limited production.

One thing I hate hearing are the words ‘Stephen you should write about this!’ Lo and behold my dear mum rang me after she had returned to the UK saying the exact same words. Her story though merits a mention as we are all guests in this beautiful country yet the language barrier can often stop us from enjoying all that Spain has to offer.

Her story goes as follows; as she was queuing to board her flight back to England a Spanish man approached her speaking rapidly and she understood not a word and in fact thought he was begging for money so she ignored him. At this point in her story I pointed out that very few beggars manage to get through to departures. Fate favoured my mum at this point as the lady next to her had heard everything and told my mum that all the man was doing was telling her that she had left her purse at the duty free counter.

I saw a TARDIS van recently that that seemingly sold everything. Locals poured into the square to marvel at the wares on offer. These vans are great as many older villagers don’t drive and the travelling sales people bring not only goods but news from the world beyond. As I took the photo one old lady shouted at me and I worried I was upsetting her by taking her photo. Luckily just like my mum someone was on hand to translate and the woman had actually shouted out ‘don’t take my picture because my arse is massive!’

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In Almeria since 2006 set up findmeahome to give a personal service suited to clients needs rather than sell what earns the most commission.
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