Tastes like butter – nope

Picture the scene; it’s the final of Masterchef and the last three contestants look like they have walked over hot coals as the sweat drips off them as they prepare the final dishes that will decide their culinary futures. With great trepidation the first contestant places their main course in front of the judges – John and Greg. A dish that has been honed to perfection, tasted throughout the cooking process to ensure the taste and flavour combination is as deliciously perfect as possible. Without bothering to taste what’s been put in front of them instead both judges grab for salt and pepper pots and liberally sprinkle the flavourings all over the startled contestants lovingly prepared dish.

Of course this will never happen so why do people in real life dowse their food in salt and pepper before tasting it? The World over, chefs and dinner party hosts cringe inwardly and grit their teeth when lovingly prepared fare is desecrated before their own eyes by guests. Why not taste first as it may actually be as delicious as the cook intended it to be.

When I was a child my lovely mum had a penchant for using all things tomato in seemingly everything we ate. Tomatoes were pureed, tinned plum and chopped tainted my childhood meals red. The main reason I learnt to cook at the age of nine was I was then allowed to cook for myself at weekends. Nowadays anything ‘red’ food wise makes me see red. Margarine is the Devils Spawn and users should be banned or shot in front of their children!

When ordering a sandwich I always ask if its butter that’s used, often the answer is ‘yes’ but bitter experience has taught me to ask again just to confirm. Worryingly it often transpires that it’s actually margarine that’s used with the reasoning ‘it’s the same thing isn’t it?’ ‘No it’s not the same so keep it away from my sandwich!’ Venues offering fish and chips with bread and butter shouldn’t lie by serving bread and super jumbo economy low fat hydrogenised fat spread.

 This weeks random shopping tip is about butter as Maxi-Dia sell a deliciously creamy French salted butter for only 1.19€. Thank you to Julie Justice for that; no more pale and bland butters from the likes of Murkys or Lidl shall ever pass my fridge door again.


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In Almeria since 2006 set up findmeahome to give a personal service suited to clients needs rather than sell what earns the most commission.
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