Walking over oranges – latest blog

I came up with this week’s title after finding the donkey all tangled up in his tether; it was

House martins at home

wrapped tightly around an orange tree. After a treat of carrots I untied him and lead him slowly around the tree with the aroma of oranges thick in the air as he and I squashed them underfoot. Mind you after Holland lost all three of their games the title could be construed entirely differently.

Yes Euro 2012 is in full swing and by the time this is published the group stages will have finished and we will know if Shrek scored or not? Whether England got through or not? If so, will they now face Spain after they limped to victory on Monday to top their group? Having two matches a night to watch no doubt strained a few relationships but don’t worry non footy lovers it will soon be over until the Olympics in July and the start of the new season on August 18th.

Football is a game which arouses such passion in people; both good and bad. At the weekend I was watching the Portugal V Holland game and as Holland were about to crash out I turned to a Dutch supporter and casually joked that the coach would be ready outside to take the team home. The person barked back at me ‘there is no coach!’ So I replied ‘oh are they walking home then – heads bowed?’ ‘I don’t like you!’ was the vitriolic reply. ‘But you don’t know me!’ I protested – ‘I have seen you in here before’ was the explanation for this random outburst of nastiness. My friends heard all of this and were dumbstruck at first and then we all started laughing. A keen sense of self-preservation stopped me from mentioning the last World Cup Final which Holland lost trying to kick Spain to death.

In Britain the Government has been advertising urging people to stay at home when holidaying. Judging from all the parked cars and bustling eateries each weekend in Mojacar the Spanish and us Brits have been taking the same advice. With the continued unrest in former holiday favourites such as Egypt this can only be positive for the Spanish holiday industry as people look for alternative destinations.

The House Martins nesting above our front door are friendly little things as they fly right through the house on a daily basis and don’t mind when I pick them up if they get stuck against a closed window. They are so sociable and sometimes all hop into the nest together; they all posed dutifully when I asked to take their photo.  I wondered why there was a regular pile of droppings in the middle of the floor each morning, then I noticed that one cheeky blighter has taken to sneaking into our entrance hall each evening to roost on the ceiling light.




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  1. “Having two matches a night to watch no doubt strained a few relationships” LMAO 🙂

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