New article – Ponderables

Living in a sleepy mountain village the inhabitants are mostly elderly Spanish who zip up

A Bedar scene by Anton Paget

and down the steep lanes, work their land by hand, no doubt to enjoy long and healthy lives. When I first moved to Spain (7 summers ago this week) I paid a visit to the local cemetery to try and understand the genealogy of the area. I was amazed to see that most people when they eventually popped off this mortal coil were often in their 90s and sometimes into their 100s. The wonder of the so called Mediterranean diet no doubt and plenty of exercise.

There is a smattering of Europeans living here both full and part time including Dutch, Canadian and German and half a handful of British. There is also an amazingly talented couple that house-sit a friend’s house for a few months every year. Previously we would stop and exchange pleasantries in that unique and peculiar English way when we bumped into each other. This all changed recently as we had a good long chat and they told me that they are both painters living ‘the good life’ spending their time painting and eating food that they grow and living very simply.

Winter scene in the Cabreras by Anton Paget

They asked me about the possibility of exhibiting their work locally as they knew I scribble for the Sol Times and ‘know people haha;’ I mentioned that I would soon be showing some of my photos at a local restaurant so I promised to ask the proprietors if they would host a second exhibition. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, with art especially being incredibly subjective so I was incredibly curious (and worried) to see the work I had just offered to try and get displayed in a restaurant. I for instance struggle to paint a wall as most of the paint ends up on my head and partners past and present know this and so sensibly do it for themselves leaving me free to supervise whilst drinking a beer.

I was invited up the hill to their work and so at hot O’clock recently in 40 degree heat Katherine and I simmered and sweated our way to their home. Anton and Yarni Paget were impeccable hosts giving us delicious mint tea to cool us down. I must mention the house as it was charming too. Quite tumbledown and simply furnished with no electricity, so ‘the good life’ it truly is. Anton told me that every early morning they walk out onto the stone courtyard to be greeted by the golden trumpets of the courgettes they grow.

We sat on a couch and were treated to a private viewing with Yarni showing us work after work; each as beautiful as the last. Inspired by greats such as Monet, Turner and Jean Baptiste, they are both passionate about the environment which shows in their paintings as it’s as they are all incredible. Ponderables are how they describe some of their works as changing light and angles of view subtly highlights new features such as a hidden face or a dancing figure. I am delighted to say that from today the 3rd until the end of July, Anton and Yarni’s paintings and limited edition prints will be on show and available to buy at La Montana Campico, between Bedar and Lubrin during lunch and evening service excepting Mondays.

Why not explore the beautiful Los Filabres Mountains and drop in to La Montana for a drink and admire the beautiful and inexpensive works of art; many of which are scenes from around Mojacar, Bedar, Lubrin and the surrounding countryside. I better pull my finger out and start framing all my work ready for August!


Homage to Monet by Anton Paget

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