Latest article – Stunning scenery and wine too

A couple of weeks ago to celebrate the birthday of the missus I magnanimously agreed to close the Findmeahome office for the day, to forego Facebook, the Semi- final between Spain and Portugal and to really try to not mention football either.

Christine Eberhart runs unique.almeria which is an excellent business promoting all that Almeria Province has to offer. Search for the page on Facebook for some great ideas for getting out and about. Christine had posted an article about a bodega in the foothills of the Alpujarras in the village of Alboloduy; 30kms or so north of Almeria. She also mentioned a special spring that flowed from the nearby mountains to fill a small pool that could be visited at the same time.

What a lovely way to spend a day off; tasting and buying wine followed by a cooling dip in a mountain pool so we intrepid explorers set off to explore a part of Almeria that was previously unknown to us. With the hi tech temperature gadget in the car we could see the heat rising as we crossed the Tabernas Desert with the Western film sets in the distance, we crossed the A92 motorway to Gador and climbed into the mountains.

Alboloduy sits in a verdant steep sided valley with mountains towering above. Stupidly trusting the address I had found on the interweb we soon were stuck in a narrow dead end in the village. Swallowing my male pride, I asked a local and Bodega Alboloduy was soon found. The winery is run by Cristina Calvache and her father Paco, and they have won many awards for their wines. Paco invited us to look around and we tried 4 delicious wines buying a few of each of them. Leaving we swapped the coolness of the winery for the baking summer heat and we quickly walked to the eatery next door called Luis Pena.

The smiling owner and his daughter quickly us served ice cold beers and gave us tapas and wow what delicious food it was; roasted cod with ratatouille, delicious morcilla made in the village and melt in the mouth Serrano ham and all so cheap. Luckily as we left we bought a bottle of water.

The walk to the pool called Balsica Salobre started well, up a dry river bed in 40 degree or 104F in old money. Then an ominous wooden signpost pointed up at what looked like a sheer rock face. We sweated and toiled up the narrow and steep rocky path and after 20 minutes reached a veritable oasis perched high upon the mountain side.

A babbling brook runs down from the spring, running through a hollowed olive branch to drop its turquoise waters into a waist deep pool of translucent cool water. Stripping off we shared the pool with a couple of resident frogs and lent back on a submerged ledge to cool ourselves down for a few peaceful hours. The only other neighbours were a wild mountain goat and her kid who ran up the mountain to warily watch the intruders. Idyllic but best not done next time during a heat wave at the hottest time of the day!

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2 Responses to Latest article – Stunning scenery and wine too

  1. Gill Lawrence says:

    Hi This place sounds amazing, was the Balsiac difficult to find, have tried looking on google but could not see it, so was wondering if you can give us anymore pointers on how we can find this place, and we are definitely going to the Bodega, love to explore different areas of Spain. not just going to the local bar which a lot of people we have met seem to want to do, they are the ones that are missing out, but hey ho that is good for us, as it leaves these little oasis to people like yourselves that want to explore a little more of Spain. Looking forward to any help you can give us.

    Gill & Ken Lawrence

    • Dear Gill and ken

      Hopefully my article explains how to get to the balsa – but if not get to Alboloduy and with the town on your left the restaurant I mentioned and the bodega are on the right just outside the town near the road into the village, There is a small bridge over a dry rambla and the rest. is on the right nd the bodega about 50m up on the left up the rambla.
      For the balsa continue walking up the rambla for about 200M and you will see a wooden sign on your left and find a small narrow steep rocky track.
      keep on walking and walking and sweating till you get to the balsa about 20 mins up.

      Hope you enjoy it and get the place to yourself



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