New article – the silly season

August is nicknamed the silly season as newspapers and television channels scrabble

Ancient Egyptian styled lilo

around looking for anything even vaguely newsworthy. For estate agents the silly season can sometimes mean donning a tour guide hat to show off the delights of Almeria province to holiday makers that really are looking to buy a house and aren’t just bored of sitting by the beach – honest!

Not too many years ago people would pop into an estate agents office speak to a member of staff and be given a few flyers with a couple of photos on. Then off they would pop to see the house and buy it; or not. Nowadays people sit at home (or sneak a peek at work) and use a mobile to search online; finding descriptions, photos, virtual maps, aerial views, and clever Apps can show them the nearest hospitals, airports and schools.

Common wisdom is that a person knows whether they want to buy a house within 15 seconds of viewing it. So with all this information available online and sixth sense available some people still feel the need to meticulously and ever so slowly photograph and then video every nook, cranny and fallen leaf of all the properties they visit. Maybe it’s the new black for holiday videos; an amateur Through the Keyhole.

Health and Safety is all very good in the right places; ‘mind the gap!’ ‘Beware falling rocks!’ ‘Duck or grouse!’ being a few warnings that have saved my bacon a few times. Lying on a lilo however in the pool is the most dangerous thing a human being can possibly do in their life. I bought one recently and instead of a pirate or mermaid motif which would have looked nice, the manufacturers sensibly saw fit to write 12 different warnings in 49 (yes sadly I counted them) languages.

Just in case any ancient Egyptians ever rise from the dead to use it; hieroglyphics are also embossed on it to warn the Pharaohs not to tie the lilo onto a cross channel ferry or to use it as a canoe. Even though these things have enough buoyancy to hold an adult (less than 90kgs mind) they won’t apparently save a life, maybe it deflates automatically if it barrel rolls, the opposite to a car air bag.

Last weekend saw the recommencement of hostilities on football pitches across Europe. With trepidation and excitement and sporting my new LFC football top I hit Pablos bar in Arboleas for the sixth season in a row. A Brave New World beckoned with Brendan Rodgers as the new manager bringing his Barcelona type playing philosophy and quality new players to realise his new playing style. 90 minutes later with a player sent off and a 3-0 drubbing by West Brom my enthusiasm once again turned into reality.

Football has a way of righting wrongs which anyone especially myself should heed if placing a bet. Brendan Rodgers used to manage Swansea and they won 5-0 proving they do not miss him. The new manager at West Brom Steve Clarke was sacked by LFC just a few weeks ago and he certainly paid his ex-employers back. Welcome back Premier League football – I think!

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In Almeria since 2006 set up findmeahome to give a personal service suited to clients needs rather than sell what earns the most commission.
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