Give Turre a try – latest article

Before moving to Turre I did not know much about the place apart from driving down the main drag noticing its selection of British owned bars and shops. Turre seems to be a much maligned and misunderstood place similar to Albox which also gets a bad press; often from people that have never even visited either town. I had visited the old part of Turre before as we at Findmeahome have a beautiful reformed town house there for sale for just 109,000€ and thought it looked an attractive part of town.

Living near Turre now it’s the nearest place to pop to for shopping or a bite to eat and I have to say I really like the place. There is a huge supermarket called Super Turre in the centre of town which is like an Aladdin’s cave as it seems to sell absolutely everything however obscure. Its worth popping in just for an explore. It also has the best wine selection to be seen outside of the hypermarkets in Almeria City even stocking shock horror! Non Spanish wines no less.

Leaving the main drag there are some great little shops and bars serving good inexpensive tapas plus some great restaurants in the town for all tastes. There is an Argentinean steak house and wandering the same street  recently we found a place called Casa Pina where Martin and his partner  Leah turn reclaimed timber into beautiful pieces of furniture. I bought a pine desk and commissioned the owner to turn a beautiful old door we saw there into an outdoor dining table. There is also a second hand furniture shop at the top of the town and opposite is a great Spanish restaurant serving excellent hand made pizzas from just 6€ and to die for garlic Roast Rabbit for just 10€.

I did wryly smile the other day when ordering some food in a bar close to the steak house in Turre, firstly the tapas arrived stone cold as serving staff never seem to understand that if three plates are put in a microwave then it takes three times as long to heat them up. The plates were also tossed down on the table as far away as possible from us. We had to get up and look for forks, then napkins and crikey when I dared to ask for Tabasco sauce the waitress said no before I had even finished my sentence. The poor girl kept complaining how busy she was but still had time for fags and a sit down with some mates. In the same town is a bar where the owners smile at the customers, the food is delicious and served hot with all the trimmings plus customers are asked if they are enjoying what they eat. I will let my feet will vote for me next time I am out.

The Club Sandwich when made correctly and with love is a magnificent beast; by correctly I mean it should have an egg in it and be cut into quarters with each held together by a little skewer. Up until now La Vida in Cucador were streets ahead, then last week the Beachcomber in Mojacar added the magnificent beast to its menu. Alerted by Facebook I tried one at the weekend after Beachcomber John promised mine would have the required egg inside and very good it was too. La Vida still holds my OCD award for the best club sandwich due to the fact that the Beachcomber sandwich was only cut into two!

Anyone that knew Dave Byfleet of DB Autos will surely remember him as a hardworking, gentle, quiet and kind man. Dave and his son Kyle helped Katherine and I many times whenever we had car trouble in the past. I send my condolences to his wife Michelle and family.

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In Almeria since 2006 set up findmeahome to give a personal service suited to clients needs rather than sell what earns the most commission.
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