Easy money

Rio Agua in full flow

The Rio Antas in full flood

The A334 has become the bank of choice for more discerning Guardia Civil officers; every day they stop at various points between the E15 motorway and Purchena so that they can withdraw money from us cashpoints as we drive by. I use the road a lot for work and all during September I have seen up to three different checkpoints each time I’ve used it.

A radical and novel idea I have come up with to stop the Guardia taking our money is to observe speed limits, stop where it says STOP, don’t drive wearing flip flops, wear seatbelts and always follow the letter of the law when driving. After many years of using the A334 I finally picked up a speeding fine passing Longos on the way to Arboleas. For once I didn’t notice the silver Citroen that the Guardia use as their radar car and was quite rightly taxed 50€ for doing 80 in a 60.

With the weather now alternating between sunshine and floods of Biblical proportions the temperature has dropped as well. I drove up to Baza recently and tee shirt season has certainly finished up there as Baza sits at an altitude of 1100m. Common wisdom is that the temperature drops 1 degree Celsius for every 100m climbed so that’s why in Turre it was 24 degrees and a jaw droppingly cold 17 degrees in Baza.

In recent  mornings I’ve managed to avoid the pleading faces of my socks in the sock draw as they now struggle to escape after 6 months of confinement, jeans I’ve started to wear of an the evening but that’s more to add a layer as protection from the Mozzies. Luckily this latest deluge drowned loads of the little illegitimates!

The start of Autumn brings a whole host of new programmes to the telly box; fans of Strictly Come dancing can again air dance their way around the lounge of a Saturday evening. Love it or hate it as Shameless is back for a 10th season and the Dragons growl again in their den with Frankenstein’s bride again there to scare the children.

Sadly Nigella has also returned to our screens; this time with her face strangely altered; I fear any more surgery will leave her with her ample bosom dangling as earrings. It’s a pity nothing was done about her annoying voice and the ludicrous vocabulary she uses.

4 weeks to the day after the last tempest, Almeria was hit by another tropical storm which dropped almost 10 inches of rain in just a few hours. The devastation is widespread and sadly lives were lost. The clean-up and the repairs to infrastructure will take a long time as roads and bridges collapsed. Many are still without electric and water.

I suggest anyone affected by the recent flooding shouts loudly when claiming on their insurance as Helvetia who insure us royally screwed us over and paid out just 25% of what we claimed when we last got hit in August. The assessor was completely to blame as he ignored what we told him and did not even check when we told him electrical appliances were ruined as he had already made up his mind not to pay out. Its worth paying a translator to be present as well to ensure they do their job properly.

Luckily the flood defences and canal I recently constructed in our garden after the last inundation held up though I still ended wading knee deep in the flood waters to construct a makeshift dam using such technical marvels as sun lounger cushions and dog blankets. Biblically speaking it may be famine next guys so we all better stock up on tins of Spam and dried biscuits!

Finca la Fuente under water

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