There is never enough time

I bet we all feel that the years fly by as we get older. Yet long ago I remember the school summer holidays lasting for an eternity. It’s all about perspective as when I was 6 years old; the 6 week holidays represented 2% of my life to date. Now I can only dream of getting 6 weeks off and only then if the lottery ticket came in. That same holiday would be less than ¼ % of the time I have spent on this mortal coil and would flash by so it’s a good job I can’t afford it anyway – inserts sideways smiley thingy!

A day off always go faster than a day at work and weekends fly by, one minute its Friday evening with all that the weekend can offer before me, then suddenly the alarm is shattering my reverie on Monday morning. A favourite music track always finishes quicker than a track less liked, when I was young the side of a record album was plenty long enough but now having to get up and turn it over after 20 minutes seems like seconds especially when a CD can last an hour or more. Curly Wurlys and Mars bars are smaller than in my day; well no actually my hands and mouth are larger so they just seem smaller. Second halves of football matches take much longer if and when Liverpool are winning and clinging on to a lead, if they need to score to win then the inverse applies and there is much less time to catch up and score that important goal.

Toothpaste certainly plays with the fabric of time and space, when the tube is running low and there is no replacement it becomes never ending and can last for weeks; yet as soon as its successor is in the house suddenly its gone. Washing up liquid too can stretch for ages when almost empty by adding a little water. Sadly gin and beer run out all too quickly. Maybe putting them in squirty bottles would make them last longer too.

Policemen and teachers get younger every year and I wonder now if they are old enough to qualify, yet when I was a kid they all seemed ancient. A couple of years ago I went to a school reunion and was gob smacked to see most of the teachers looked mostly the same as when I was there 25 years earlier. When I got my first driving licence it said valid until 2036 a date seemingly set in infinity.

In 1975, Space1999 hit the television screens and jolly dark and scary it was too, a sort of 2001- A Space Odyssey for children. Back then as man had just landed on the moon, space stations on the Moon seemed the next logical step especially it was set so far in the future. So Space 1999 was really believable, yet here we are in 2013 and?

In my 20s I got a job working for an old hairy hippy delivering futons around the UK and Amsterdam! I almost sprinted to the interview and practically begged for the job when I realised I would get paid for going to Amsterdam every few weeks. Keith ‘that’ old hippy was then 47, which is how old I will be next birthday coming! His mates had long grey ponytails which looked mature and very cool. How I longed for the time when my own ponytail would also be grey like theirs which of course is now happening in earnest!

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2 Responses to There is never enough time

  1. Mark Bader says:

    Nearly 50 and shades of grey ! Happens to us all man x

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