About Me

Hi my name is Stephen Amore, the chap that strings the sentences together. I moved to Andalucia, Spain way back when in 2006 and started Findmeahome  as a property company specialising in rural property with character.

I am a music lover though can’t play a note, enjoy good innovative food and the odd pint of the black nectar, Guinness . I support Liverpool Football Club through thick and mostly thin. I married my lovely wife Katherine last autumn. No kids just dogs!

I love my yoga and travelling both for business and pleasure, I love photography and look for beauty constantly; I enjoy playing with instagram. I use a Fuji x10 and more often than not my Sony Xperia Z. I’ve been scribbling a weekly newspaper column since 2009. The ‘must concentrate more’ on my old school reports translates these days to ‘has severe OCD!’ This means the squirrels interfere sending me off to write about all manner of subjects whether it be the environment, history, politics and often stuff that interests me that I feel deserves an online airing.

This blog is more detailed than the printed version in the Sol Times Newspaper, I hope readers enjoy my ramblings, comments and followers are also welcome, Findmeahome are active on Facebook with a good mi of content so feel free to like the page. I am also  Twitter. Plus if you really fancy it you can buy a property in the sun off us!

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