The Day of the Orchids

Not another word about almond blossom till next year I promise.

Having moved to the Bedar area recently I am in my element as the wet winter and sheltered micro-climate has meant there is a fantastic display of spring flowers and the first poppies locally were seen on Monday. The Chirivel couple I mentioned last issue – I shall call them B&M have been very helpful indeed as within hours of arriving here I stumbled across some beautiful orchids. These were duly photographed with copies sent via the interweb up to Chirivel where they speedily identified them for me.

A few days later B&M made a visit to Bedar and after some delicious tapas in the El Empalme bar on the crossroads we headed off along the dicey but beautiful looking mountain road that leads to home.

The previous owner of the house had told me 3 years ago of a well hidden mountain path that started close to the house. We intrepid 3 headed off up the tricky path and found even more orchids than when I was there a few days previously. Luckily, being south facing, the valley is very sheltered and these rare little gems of the botanical world are very much at home here. I hope you like the 4 photos in the article and B &M have kindly identified them as follows. If anyone thinks they may be different then please let me know by email.

Mirror orchid – Ophrys ciliata; the Sawfly orchid – O. tenthredinifera; Dull orchid – Ophrys fusca; Fan-lipped orchid – Orchis collina.

This is an excellent time to discover the beautiful Almerian countryside. Take a walk and breathe in the clean and fresh air and keep an eye on the ground as there are some fascinating plants to discover. Remember though not to pick or remove anything as this will upset the delicate ecosystem. With such extremes of temperature and rainfall this region experiences it’s a wonder that anything flourishes at all. Summer day time temperatures of maybe 42°C are contrasted with temperatures of -5°C on a cold winter night.

Over the past few months I have had a hankering for a proper Italian style thin crust pizza. Listening to personal recommendations it’s a long but necessary journey and plenty of establishments have been tried out but rejected until now.

For some reason many places idea of a pizza in Almeria is to cover a pizza base with masses of sloppy and near tasteless cheese and then to undercook the lot. At last I am confident to recommend the first place so far that I think does an excellent Pizza.

It is the Fuente Restaurant in Bedar and is above the fuente funnily enough. Crisp thin crust and you can design your own as there is a huge selection of fresh and delicious toppings to be chosen from. The chef makes all his own bases using 1/3 semolina flour in true Italian style. Cheap too and they also do a takeaway service. The excellent Aljambra beer is also served on draught and the delicious Penascal rosé wine is very reasonably priced too. Great mountain and sea views from both the restaurant and terrace with the rest of the menu well thought out and excellently prepared too.

There is a term that is all too often incorrectly used nowadays when describing food. When the starter arrived of Carpaccio of beef – so delicate were the wafer thin slices of beef fillet they were most definitely ‘melt in the mouth.’ Another visit there soon methinks.

Maybe I should consider doing a ‘website of the week’ column as I have come across a great one for any other cloud watchers out there.

I met an interesting couple recently and when we were admiring some amazing photos of tropical storm clouds on an owner’s wall they told me of the cloud appreciation society. A family member had given them a membership as a present. Ever one to spot a bargain I rushed home to log on and paid my £5 dues. I can report that member number 20726 is now active. There are members all from over the world and I join 120 other members in Spain, 13423 in the UK, one member in Vietnam and another in Gabon!!! There is an amazing photo gallery which I hope to add to with some of my photos.

My eco warrior antennae quivered yesterday as I discovered in Vera  there is a fuel station that sells bio-diesel and it’s a bargain 96 cents a litre currently which means that you can save money and help save the world all at the same time – fantastic.

Bio diesel is basically made from harvested plant matter and recycled cooking oils etc. That’s why there are used cooking oil recycling points springing up in some places. I will have to find out if its 100% bio diesel but it’s more likely that it is a mix with conventional diesel. Either way it’s another small step anyone can take to reduce their carbon footprint.

Findmeahome have had a very busy week and what has come out of it as well as a few sales is the following simple bit of advice which is aimed at all owners wanting to sell their properties.

Price your property correctly for the current market and it will sell!

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In Almeria since 2006 set up findmeahome to give a personal service suited to clients needs rather than sell what earns the most commission.
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